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Welcome to www.icanicon.eu, the site of a New Era of jackets. This website / web store is owned by “I can Icon j.d.o.o.” company. We would like to inform you, that when you order our products from the web shop, you agree to our terms of purchase, and from this point when we say “we” or “our,” we mean “I can Icon j.d.o.o “.


Company information:

I CAN ICON j.d.o.o.

Bank account: HR8023400091110814271

OIB: 48771557544

Address: Murska 48, 40323 Donji Kraljevec


I can Icon to their loyal customers is trying to provide the best, most simple, understandable web/shop page and experience, but when you try hard and you want the best, there always can happen innocent mistake, so please keep in mind, whatever the problem is, we will remove it as soon as possible, and for you, in the best possible conditions. We believe that another problem in your life is not needed, so if we have gave you one, please immediately call the phone number +385989169210 or e-mail info@icanicon.eu and it will be resolved as soon as possible.


As I can Icon products are unique, please have an understanding if the color, texture of the material in the picture of web page is not 100% identical to the color, or material that has arrived at your address, because we want each of our customer, our Icon, to remains unique individual. There might be differences in colors due to differences in monitors of an owner of computer.



Regardless of how your order is paid, orders are received by payment or by choosing a payment method by clicking on “the payment- place order” and delivered within approx. two weeks after the order. After you have paid or placed order, you will receive an order confirmation on your e-mail address.


Once your order has been accepted, all you have to do is pay the amount that you see at the end of performed order. After successfully performed order, on your e-mail address you used to register, our online store will sent you a message from info@icanicon.eu e-mail address with your order.


You live in Croatia?

Exclusive, unique products can be ordered by phone +385989169210 or by e-mail at info@icanicon.eu. If you order by phone or by e-mail, the product could be payed by transaction money (internet banking or payment slip) and a credit card or PayPal. After the visible deposit or payment receipt sent on e-mail info@icanicon.eu, the product will be sent to the address indicated on the payment slip, so please specify the exact address of the payment slip.



If you choose a card as a method of payment of the ordered products, if the item is available, will be sent the next day if the order is received by 12:00 pm Monday -Friday.


You do not like the card but you prefer the old-fashioned postal money order or payment modern internet banking? No problem! Our wonderful items will be send to you the next day if the order is received by 10:00 hours Monday-Friday. But it is necessary to send confirmation of payment on e-mail address info@icanicon.eu or fax number 040 / 655-535. Otherwise, the shipment will have to wait depending on the time it takes to be visible on our account.


Do you want to pay when your delivery arrives on your specified address? No problem! The products will be sent the same or next day if the order is received until 12:00 Monday-Friday. It is important to know that if you decide to pay cash on delivery, your order amount will increase to 4.80 kuna (+ VAT) as the transaction price of money to our account by the delivery service GLS.


Order via our online shop, obliges you to receive the ordered products. Although it may sound serious, but these products you have ordered. If you want to cancel your order or you want to return the product below, no problem, just please read CANCELLATION OF ORDERS AND RETURN.


In best intention, we believe that, if the buyer acts contrary to the above conditions we reserve the right to cancel the order. This includes the failed charge of ordered products or misuse of our online shop in any sense.



All of our products are unique and therefore, sometimes it can happen that some of the ordered products cannot deliver. Regardless, do not worry, we will offer you an alternative, ie. you will not even be able to order the product, if we cannot deliver. In any case, the client will be informed in due time by phone or email.



Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Diners)

Pay delivery service upon receipt of package

Money transactions (Internet banking or payment slip – see example of payment)

PAYPAL (through your PayPal account email account. PayPal service at this point does not accept payment in Euros, and will for that reason, the purchase price for the PayPal payment to be converted and charged in Euro. Note that at the very charge the credit card in Euros, by PayPal services may cause significant exchange differences. I can Icon j.d.o.o. is not responsible, nor bears exchange costs that PayPal charges its customers with Euro conversion in Kuna.)

We take orders by telephone from Monday to Friday 15:00 to 21:00 hours. In addition to receiving the order we are here for you always to help with product selection that matches your needs. Please contact us by e-mail or via Facebook private message or info@icanicon.eu, or phone +385989169210. We are at your service!


Prices on our online store are in Croatian Kuna (HRK) and the Euro (€) and includes VAT. In best intention, we try to be always accurate, but sometimes they can happen mistake, but do not worry if the price when ordering at our online store was higher than correct you will be informed about it and the difference will be returned. But if the price of the product was less about how we will notify you of the correct price and ask you whether you accept the order at the correct price. If you do not want, the order will not be sent. So it’s fair for both sides.


I can Icon is selling their items for personal use, on their own, and not for resale. To buy I can Icon products above 4500.00 HRK, 5 or more of the same product (not related to the size of packaging), please call us, we will help you when buying in accordance with the practice of buying wholesale.


If you want to cancel your order, no problem, please contact us at info@icanicon.eu or by phone at +385989169210.


In case you are for any reason unhappy, unsatisfied with us, you can file a complaint. A written complaint can be sent by mail (Murska 48, Donji Kraljevec, 40323), fax (040655-535) or via e-mail info@icanicon.eu For the fastest identification of a specific order to that you have a complaint, the complaint indicate the order number or your user name. We will confirm receipt of the complaint in writing without delay, and the answer you pursuant to the Act must be received within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the complaint.


The contract, which concludes the user and I can Icon for buying and selling items is a one-time contract to purchase a product that consumes goods or services by I can Icon j.d.o.o. and the payment made by the user, in the case if it is not canceled. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the Purchase Agreement between I can Icon j.d.o.o. and the buyer.


According to the Consumer Protection Act, you are authorized to unilaterally terminate the contract without giving reasons for doing so within 14 days from the date of delivery of goods or delivery of the last product from the order. Standard Information Form for unilateral termination of the contract can be downloaded here.


In the case of unilateral termination of the contract we’ll treat the Consumer Protection Act.
Refund of paid amount of money will be transitioned on your account when our goods are returned. The return of goods you must perform without delay and at the latest within 14 days from when you were declared a unilateral breach of contract. The customer is under the protection of the consumer to pay the direct costs of returning the goods if he uses his right to unilaterally terminate the contract, and if the customer wants to reach the seller, he can contact I can Icon j.d.o.o. at +385 989 169 210 or mail info@icanicon.eu to obtain information on how to, possibilities and conditions of return of the product by I can Icon.


In the case of a complaint or a lack of product upon them, we will act as required by the provisions of the Law on Obligations of the liability for material defects. We will do everything to keep you happy and unique in clothes of I can Icon, because it is in our best interest that the customer is satisfied and proudly wears our jacket.
The received goods can be returned and exchanged for another size or product if the price is equal. If the price is different please use the terms product complaints, return and exchange. Goods can be returned and replaced in the following cases:
– if the delivered goods are not the one he ordered
– if the delivered goods are not worn
– if delivered goods are defective or visible damage that is not caused in transport.


Ordered goods can be replaced by another one only in the case of the above cases. Buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods or replacing it.


Your personal information will be used exclusively for the successful implementation of the order. If you want to be up to date with all the news at any time can easily sign up for our newsletter by filling in the application form on our online store, at registration.


If at any time you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, you can very easily do that, because at the bottom of each newsletter there is link to leave the same or deregistration to info@icanicon.eu.