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Croatian brand “I CAN ICON” starts a new era in the fashion world

With only one move a casual jacket becomes elegant by removing the right sleeve.

Travelling can be inspiring and life changing, which is proved by many stories. One of this inspirations happened on a trip to New York, the city that never sleeps whose colorful lifestyle awakens imagination beyond possible. “Big Apple” was a trigger for young designer Petra Pavlic to design and launch a fashion brand “I CAN ICON” in only five months.


“Fashion needs something new and unique, without derivation of already existing. That is why I love to call this project >a new era of jackets< ” – says talented visionary Petra Pavlic which stands behind the luxury line for women jackets.


Unique feature of design is buttoning on the right side, which reveals and emphasizes the shoulder, part of the body that shows confidence and determination of a woman. Another detail is a sharpness of a collar and the ability that a casual jacket becomes elegant by removing the right sleeve. It reflects rebel and self-assurance in a woman. The whole concept was designed and implemented in an innovative way, which brings more interest to it.


“I CAN ICON” women are icons of their time, place and presence. They are not afraid of experimenting, combining something new with their style. They are women you would see first when you enter the room.